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Driving Programs

Driver Licence Access Program (DLAP)

What is DLAP?

Not everyone gets their licence easily. Some community groups can have difficulty meeting the requirements to get a driver licence. This impacts access to employment, education, training, health care, family, community support and cultural activities.

The Driver Licensing Access Program (DLAP) is a FREE program providing support to people in NSW who face extra challenges in getting a licence.

DLAP is available to:

  • Aboriginal communities
  • refugee and resettlement communities
  • communities who have limited access to transport options or who are geographically disadvantaged
  • vulnerable young people
  • other people experiencing social and economic hardship.
What can DLAP do for you?

The program can help you with:

  • getting a learner licence
  • getting on-road driving experience
  • progressing to a provisional licence
  • regaining a licence.

Birrang will give culturally appropriate support to get you on the road, driving safely.

We will help you with:

  • understanding road rules and road safety
  • improving reading, writing and computer skills to prepare you for licence tests
  • meeting licence application requirements (e.g. getting identification documents)
  • communicating with Service NSW and other government organisations
  • accessing roadworthy vehicles
  • helping to manage fines and debts to allow you to get your licence.


Registering Interest and getting a head start in DLAP Program

Register Interest Here                                                   Program Delivery Calendar

Click the button above to access the Expression of Interest Form. This is your chance to position yourself at the forefront of potential participants. By completing this form, you're signaling your keen interest in our program and taking a proactive step towards involvement.

Please Note:

  • Completing the Expression of Interest Form does not guarantee a spot in the program.
  • Your attendance is required at the advertised Registration Day to finalise your enrollment.
  • Our instructor will be present on Registration Day to assist with completing your registration and verifying your details.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you bring your ORIGINAL documents to be verified at registration. Laminated Birth Certificates cannot be used at Service NSW for ID.

Don't miss out on this opportunity – express your interest today and join us on your licensing journey!

Practice DKT Here

Practice your Driver Knowledge Test here to get a head start to gain your Learner's Licence

Practice HPT Here

Have your L's and preparing for your Driving Test, practice your Hazard Perception Test here

Access Road User Handbook Here

Access the NSW Road Safety Handbook here



Birrang Driving Program

Private Lessons

 Road Safety & Driver Education

Financial assistance

Mentoring & Support


Literacy Support

Identification Document Support

Birrang Learner Driver Program: Your Road to Success

Welcome to the Birrang Learner Driver Program, where we pave the way for your journey towards a driver's license, independence, and new opportunities. At Birrang Enterprise Development Company, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive private lessons, road safety education, and driver training to empower individuals across regional and remote communities in NSW.

Our Commitment to You:

Birrang Enterprise Development Company is home to a team of ten skilled Driving Instructors, backed by a versatile fleet of dual control vehicles that cater to all sizes.

Our mission is clear: to eliminate the barriers preventing you from obtaining a driver's license and unlock a world of possibilities.

What Sets Us Apart:

At Birrang, we approach driver education holistically, addressing not only the technical aspects of driving but also the financial obstacles that can hinder your progress. Our unique program begins by tackling financial planning, helping you overcome fines that may be preventing you from even obtaining your learner's permit.

Your Journey with Birrang:

1.      Financial Guidance: We initiate contact with the State Debt Recovery Office on your behalf, working to establish a manageable payment plan to reduce or eliminate fines, clearing your path to licensure.

2.      In-Depth Training: Our accredited trainers guide you through the Road User Handbook in a culturally sensitive environment, creating a comfortable space for open discussion and effective learning. We provide access to computers, allowing you to familiarise yourself with the Learner Driver Knowledge Test format and offering practice tests to track your progress.

3.      Test Booking Support: Once you consistently pass practice tests, we assist you in booking your learner driver test at your local Roads and Maritime Service Centre.

4.      Hours Accumulation: Obtaining a learner's permit is just the beginning. Birrang equips you with the necessary hours of supervised driving experience, utilising our fleet of dual control cars and skilled Accredited Driving Instructors to ensure your success.

5.      Get Ready for the Exciting Journey Ahead: This is the exhilarating phase where your confidence soars, and you're fully prepared for that crucial driving test. As you embark on your path to success, whether it's obtaining a provisional license or regaining an unrestricted one, rest assured, we're here to stand by your side every step of the way. Our mission is to help you regain the independence you rightfully deserve.

Empowering Lives:

Gaining your license and eliminating outstanding fines with Birrang removes significant vocational and personal barriers. It boosts confidence, motivation, and independence, setting off a ripple effect of positive change.

Our Commitment to Communities:

Birrang Enterprise Development Company is proud to partner with Transport for NSW to deliver community-based programs that reduce fines and suspensions, offer safe driving and parental responsibility workshops, and customise programs for Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islanders and disadvantaged individuals seeking to obtain their license. We're dedicated to breaking down barriers to employment and financial freedom.

Our Response to Changing Licensing Requirements:

With the introduction of the Graduated Licensing Scheme (GLS), Birrang remains committed to providing accessible solutions for disadvantaged individuals. We understand the challenges posed by literacy, financial constraints, access to supervising drivers, and enrolment in testing, and we are here to help.

Birrang’s Objectives:

·        Deliver a tailored learner driver program for disadvantaged individuals.

·        Assist in overcoming pre-license barriers, including proof of identity, SDRO, and literacy issues.

·        Prepare you for the Driver Knowledge Test.

·        Enhance accessibility to the 120 hours of supervised driving experience required.

·        Increase the number of disadvantaged customers entering the driver licensing system.

Join the Birrang Community:

Our goal is simple: to help you obtain your driver's license. We address financial concerns, guide you through the learner driver knowledge test, and support you in accumulating the necessary driving hours. With a high success rate, we've helped countless students gain their provisional licenses, and we're here to do the same for you.

Take the first step towards freedom and empowerment. Choose Birrang Learner Driver Program and let us drive your success on the road.