Strong Young Aboriginal Parents (SYAP)

SYAP is capacity development program that provides young parents with the tools to self-manage issues in their community, families and neighbourhoods over time;

  • Provide support to vulnerable young parents to overcome social disadvantage;
  • Facilitate face to face contact with clients to provide, education awareness in addressing significant social issues;
  • Promote individuals and groups about positive parenting practices and goal setting processes using accessible and relevant materials and
  • Promote skills and knowledge to encourage young parents to participate in community activities and take on leadership roles, while providing training in good parenting

Birrang delivers workshops and activities on a Thursday from 10am to 1pm in locations suited to the content of the workshop. (Please call 0263619511 to confirm the location).

The workshops include but not limited to;

  • Positive Parenting
  • Making ends meet
  • Tenancy and managing your home
  • Healthier Living
  • Job Ready
  • Service awareness days
  • Fun / activity days

The activities and workshops are delivered in a sensitive and culturally appropriate manner, they are informal and inviting.

Community Education

Birrang delivers the following Tenant Support and Community Education workshops across New South Wales. 

  • Rent it Keep It – rights and responsibilities
  • Budgeting – making ends meet
  • Home maintenance – environmental health and sustainability
  • Health and Nutrition – healthy eating on a budget
  • Household hints and tips – cleaning without chemicals, heating and cooling without electricity
  • Basic Family First Aid (Non Accredited) – choking, poisons, CPR and other common injuries
  • Job Ready Workshops –  Building and strengthening a resume, Interview skills and role plays

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