Learner Driver Program

Our aim is to get you a licence. We work with those needing assistance in working out the finances of getting a licence to helping to master the Learner Driver knowledge test and helping to accrue the driving hours you need to finalise your licence.

We can work on the financial side of getting a licence – whether it is affording a licence or paying off debts/fines from previous tickets. We help you get these under control so you can get your licence.

Participants will then undertake onsite training covering the Roads & Maritime Services learner driver handbook – delivering the training in a culturally appropriate setting and manner. We provide access to computers so you are familiar with the format of the Learner Driver Knowledge test and work on practice tests.

When you are consistently passing the practice tests we help you book your learner driver test at your local Roads & Maritime Services office and once you’ve got your permit we help you accrue the hours of driving you need to gain your provisional licence through the use of one of our two dual control cars and our RMS Accredited Driving Instructors we have at Birrang.

We’ve had great success at our learner driver training – with a high success rate of students following this process gaining their provisional licence.

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