Bike Safety Workshop

Birrang Enterprises (Orange) conducted a Push Bike Safety program in January. The RMS funded workshops saw bike mechanics Jamie Gibbs and Clifford Lord visit ten town in two weeks. The workshop, held at the Hay Park, covered road safety and the correct fitting of helmets. Bikes were also available for use on the day, and children had the opportunity to size up the correct bike for their height. Jamie and Clifford were on hand to assist with adjustments and repairs to participants bikes. All children who attended the workshop received a drink bottle, tshirt and safety helmet.

The right size bike is an important consideration. Dillan Ilic demonstrates how hard it is to mount a bike that’s too big, while Miranda Griffiths found one that’s just the right size for her.

Tom and Toby North, and Flynn Griffiths modelling the shirts each child received for participating in the workshop.

Holly Gash ready to ride in her new helmet.
Correct fitting of helmets is important if the helmet is to do it’s job properly. Jamie Gibbs adjust the straps on Toby North’s new helmet.

Bike mechanic Clifford Lord is pictured with Della Gargargo and her try-wheel bike. Clifford made a few minor adjustments to the brakes and seat to make riding safer for Della.
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